We have a Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Friday, June 5th at 12:12 PM Pacific | 3:12 PM Eastern. (You are invited to join a free healing ceremony during the eclipse, check the info at end of this post).

To my friends who are privileged to be safe right now and not under direct attack,

It’s time to stretch, grow and overcome. We are polarized to a level of insanity. The amount of darkness and light at play has reached an all-time extreme. Believe it or not, this is an opportunity to clear the root cause. I know it might not look like that from your perspective, but hear me out. We are going deep… and you have a vital role to play at this time. I pray that you will do your part to help clear this mental disease – the REAL VIRUS – from your system! 

Many people don’t understand the level of PSYOPS at work. Many people cannot see the war taking place on their psyche because they are caught up in survival instincts and day-to-day living. The threats are real and disempowering. The anger is real and justified. We need to use our anger to fuel us into action, but if we can’t control it – this will get worse. It’s a horrible and uncomfortable test.

If you’re feeling enraged, helpless, and confused about what you can do to bring justice to George Floyd and the systemic racism and constant injustices, you can start right now wherever you are by doing your inner work. Clearing the deep wounds, rage, and triggers from your system is YOUR job. No one can do that for you. Of course we need to see change happen outside. Of course we need help when we reach the pits of despair. Of course we need external justice, but the external reality is not something you can force or coerce to your will.

During this full moon weekend, please take care and make sure you take some time out to be alone. This lunar eclipse and full moon is bringing the ugliest part of human nature to the forefront. It’s important to reflect and purge your own prejudices, your insecurities, your fear, your rage, the injustice that has been done to you, what you have done to others, and all the betrayals you’ve endured from your system. Do it for yourself. Do it for George Floyd and all those who have suffered a similar fate. Do it to create a new future. By clearing yourself, you will be able to energetically assist those who can’t yet hold onto or anchor the light right now. You might make what right now seems impossible – possible. This is a collective issue, yet you are only responsible for clearing it from within you. This is the only way to wipe out this nasty virus off the planet once and for all. 

When you clear the deep issues within yourself a magical new reality will emerge. Suddenly you will be able to see glimmers of justice, suddenly you will find solutions which before were mere hints of possibility. When you clear out your triggers you will become a beacon of light, an anchor point of incorruptible frequency that can’t be fooled into submission and gaslit into mind games. We need to resonate to our soul alignment if we want to traverse this madness. 

When you can become a clear vessel, standing in vertical alignment, in the pillar of the one truth,  you know what to say and when to say it. You will know what you are here to do and you will have the means to do it. It’s time to fully awaken from within. Awaken the star seed in the center of your chest and claim your divinity. Anchor and embody your soul wisdom, abolish your fear of death and subordination, and declare to yourself your own sovereignty. THINK FOR YOURSELF! If you are not sure how to do this, grab my free video here. 

This is NOT a time to follow a leader. This is not a time to jump into a camp of black vs. white, liberal vs. conservative. We need to let go of the stereotypes, our biases, and judgement of one another. Unplug from the fear and anger triggers if you have to – you are being pressured to react. Know your own truth. This is a time to declare to yourself what is Right and Wrong. Align your personal ethics with your words, actions and deeds and then stand in your conviction.

What can you do on your own? A lot!  Be your own judge. Inspect your own character. Illuminate your shadow, face down your inner demons, and activate the potential that lives within you. 

Try this exercise: 

  1. Sit quietly with yourself. Figure out what is upsetting you the most. Dig deeper. Journal what comes up.
  2. When did you first feel this intense energy? Go back in time, you may end up in past timelines or your ancestral stories… keep going back and back and back till you get to the FIRST story.
  3. What do you wish was possible in that story? Dream up an ideal resolution, feel it in your bones as if it’s already happened. Bring your ideal solution to the situation and see what happens to the old memory. 
  4. Restore justice within your own psyche, within your emotions. Imagine justice has already happened as if you were the judge and jury. As if you were God herself. 
  5. Sit back and feel what your resolution feels like in your body. Can you imagine it and hold it? If so, you just helped make it possible.

We are birthing a new reality together. We are waking up to a great illusion, a great mystery and exposing the root of the disease that has been infecting our psyches from the beginning of time. Do not dismiss the power of your imagination. If you can’t imagine a solution right now you are feeding the problem.

This may be our darkest hour, but the sun will rise again. There will be new solutions offered. There will be new leadership. There will be a new definition of what is human. There will be a new level of humanity. Let’s ensure we are aligned to a higher collective reality of the New Earth. It may seem far fetched from what you are feeling or seeing right now, but if you get quiet you will be able to feel this higher frequency and YOU can birth it into being.

You’re not here to be a saviour for others, but you can support others in their process and play your part. Fine tune your internal balance. This is not a time to be lazy and wait for someone else to solve your problems. Trust that you know exactly what to do and you will be guided when and how to do it. The people you need will arrive when you need them. Yes, you will need to be quiet and grounded in order to anchor a solid foundation for your extraordinary capacity. Don’t be afraid to ask and pray for what you need. Asking for support is a sign of strength, not weakness. We are not here to be alone in our homes, separated from one another, but if we do not stand in our own power with clear discernment, we are useless standing together. Create a network of people you trust, who know how to stand in their own clarity and establish their balance from within. 

It is time to rise up friends. Please take your orders from your own internal wisdom. Do what is right for you. Be your own judge. Be your own advocate. Love yourself awake. There is no competition for your self expression.  Discern what is yours and not yours. Stay humble. What are you here to offer? How can you best serve? Be you. Be creative. Let’s create a golden network of sovereign beings, self governed, and awake.

When you feel clear, speak up and be heard, when you are unsure, be silent and anchor your truth. We were made for this time and have everything within us to overcome it. Do your best to stay balanced and anchor the light in the midst of the tricks of utter chaos and mind control techniques. Even amidst the 5G smart grid of AI cast upon us. This is an end game and a messy new beginning. Play your role well.

Do you need support at this troubling time? Join us during the full moon for a powerful healing gift. I’ve invited a beautiful woman to lead a prayer and healing ceremony in my FB group during the Full Moon @ 12 PM Pacific | 3 PM Eastern. Our guest, Stephanie DuBois, will discuss George Floyd and the impact his murder has had on the Collective Heart…followed by a light language ceremony to heal our Collective Heart. Light language is a multi-dimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level by bypassing the analytical mind and going straight to the heart. Please join us here.

With love and service,

*Photo Credit: Julia Lehman-McTigue (Model: Edward Reed II)

Amelía Aeon Karris, author of Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny, is the Founding Director of Know The Self Mystery School where she mentors truth seekers to ground their mission in the world. For the last 25 years she has been a way-seer and trend-setter throughout her career spanning technology, fashion, entertainment, intentional community design, and spirituality. As a seer and energy channel, she tunes in with the moon cycles and Earth’s energy to give practical guidance to the collective consciousness through her bi-monthly moon blog.

Do you need support to Activate Your Mission? Click here to learn about Amelía’s 9 week, go at your own pace, course to anchor your sovereignty.

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