The Full Moon is in Virgo on Thursday, March 1 @ 4:51 PM PST.

Off with those rose-colored glasses! Sober up my friends and stop allowing demons and hungry ghosts to feed on your laziness and desire to ‘check out’. It is time to see things as they are, not how you want them to be.  Denial doesn’t make things go away, it strengthens the choke hold.

You have been lied to, deceived, and betrayed at some point in your life. Consider those situations as opportunities and a teaching for the development of your discernment. It is time to stop feeding those old stories you carry around that make you a victim and powerless. We all have those stories and we have a choice in how we relate to them. You can lay victim and blame others, or you can be active and create something positive from it.

This Full Moon in Virgo will highlight your victim mentality and the practical matters that need to be dealt with in order to evolve and get back to your optimal health. It is time to take the high road and leave the quibbling behind. So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect moment to clean up the part you are responsible for.

Here are some questions to guide you inwards:

  • What story about your past keeps you powerless and victimized?
  • Did you leave a messy trail behind you the last few months? Reflect and write down any dramas, social anxieties, or bad habits that are currently running in your life.
  • It’s time to get honest, where have you been lying or distorting the truth for your own personal gain? 
  • In what ways have your answers from the questions above impacted your life? Look at each area of your life and the impact that messy trail has left. How has it impacted your health, your love life, your family, your friends, your finances, your spiritually, and lastly your free time?

This full moon should help inspire you to clean things up. Get on the high road to making things right. When I say ‘high’ I don’t mean light up a spliff – I mean light up your inner light! Is there someone you need to make amends with?  Consider calling them up or writing a heartfelt letter. Making things right in your life doesn’t mean it makes things right in someone else’s life. There is a great potential for deep healing right now, but healing is not something we can force on someone else, so let go of any expectations of others and focus on your own needs.

With every shift of consciousness you experience, you will need to ground out and focus on the practicals of life in order to integrate your big upgrades. Think chop wood, carry water this week. Stick to the most basic tasks. Get out in nature, focus on your health, and give yourself time to heal. Stay true to your word and strengthen your integrity. It will pay off big time.

This is a time to reap the rewards of your hard work!

May the truth set you free.

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Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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