The Full Moon is in Capricorn on Wednesday, June 27th @ 9:53 PM PST.

Stay focused friends. This moon can feel a little rebellious and bold – so go for it, trust your instincts and where they are taking you. Just make sure you are breathing, checking in with yourself, and be okay with whatever consequences come from your actions. The energy of this moon can stir things up and make you do things forcefully when perhaps more grace is needed.

This full moon gives us an opportunity to break free from forms of bondage that have held us back. This can feel abrupt or abrasive for some of you, as you may have to “push” through to the other side, but it’s a wonderful time to find that extra momentum to liberate yourself and go for what you want.

Some journal reflections to ponder under this Full Moon influence:

  • Are you feeling balanced between work and play? Are you getting enough downtime and enough socializing? If not, make some adjustments in your schedule this week so you don’t flip out, or burn out but stay focused! It’s about balance.
  • Are you listening to your body? Or trying to control everything with your mind? Take time to listen deeply every day to your bodies messages. There is so much wisdom in your biology, it is a map to your most important needs.
  • What are you sick and tired of in your life? Is there a story you keep repeating and stuck in a loop about? Do you have a recurring pattern or big judgment bothering you? Clear it out. Offer it up to the divine and be open to this shifting in the next few weeks.
  • Who are the people you trust the most? Keep them close.

Full Moons will illuminate the things within you that you have been hiding from yourself.  Use this wonderful energy to make some positive shifts in your life. Capricorn’s ambition and laser focus will help you make great strides with your goals. Be careful not to push too hard and you will be able to use this energy to thrust yourself forward in a positive manner.

Full moon blessings,

If you are looking for support and are ready to transmute your pain into power, then join me on the full moon for a Live Virtual Workshop as part of my Rebirth and Renewal process. all the details and sign up here.

*Photo by Jean-Francois Durand


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