The Full Moon is in Taurus this Wednesday at 9:45 AM PST.

Steady as she blows! Things are still a bit wonky when it comes to money and love matters. This is a good time to reflect what you were putting in place just a few weeks ago, on October 8th. What were your goals, dreams, and aspirations on the New Moon? Now it is time to refine, refine, refine. Are you on course? Do you need to make some adjustments?

This full moon can wreak havoc in your life if you don’t create some strong boundaries for yourself. This will be an emotional time for many. With Venus still in retrograde, emotions are raw and shadows are exposed. This is time to get really honest with yourself. Emotions don’t often get expressed verbally, they hide in our behaviors. Are you are finding yourself binge-watching your favorite show, eating more than you need, grabbing for stimulants (like sugar, dairy, and caffeine), or needing suppressants (like alcohol, carbs, and pot)??  Well, my friend, you are in the feels. It’s just what we end up doing when we can’t process our emotions in real time. I dare you to be bold, to stretch and expand beyond your limitations. The moon will help you today.

Ask yourself:

  1. Am I on track with my personal goals, desires, and aspirations? If not, who or what am I allowing to distract me? How can I refocus myself?
  2. What is happening in my love life? How am I suppressing my emotions around my need for love and deeper connections?
  3. Who in my life do I need to take a break from in order to stay sane, grounded, and healthy?
  4. What am I hiding from, afraid of, or really praying is not true right now?

The first step to moving beyond your fears is to name them. When you call them out, they instantly lose power. To keep yourself grounded with this full moon energy focus on your personal responsibilities. Make them your priority and you will be able to stabilize during all the roller coaster of emotions that will want to flip you out this week. Resist the urges to numb out, get wasted, go on shopping sprees, take risks, or gamble with your money. This is not the time!

Those of you in serious relationships may find it extra tricky to navigate the next few weeks as secrets may fly out of the closet un-announced. This can lead to exaggerated declarations and the desire to take wild, uncalculated risks that can cause trouble down the road, so be warned and stay grounded. Take care of yourself, stay close to home and focus on what’s really important right now, it will have a sweet stabilizing effect on you.

Remember, your emotions are like the weather, they change often and are often manipulated by others. Imagine you are a veteran sailor at sea on a small ship, during a high powered storm. The weather is rough, but this is not your first big storm, you just gotta keep your eyes open, stay alert and navigate your way through the rough patches. You got this sailor! This storm will pass and you will be that much stronger on the other side.

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