Full Moon Greetings,

How you feeling after the eclipse? Many things are being rearranged and we are really entering a new frequency. It is palpable. This new energy requires us to shift and change in ways we might not have felt was possible, or perhaps we are simply resisting it, but the shift is real and it is happening, to ALL of us – whether we like it or not.

Tonight’s Full Moon is in Pisces. Deep emotions can surface, psychic visions, clarity about what is coming or what direction you should head in will be revealed. This is a wonderful time to allow yourself to express and release the old wounds, simply feel it all without shrinking – its all coming up to be released and celebrated for the gift it has brought to your life.

What are you moving away from? What are you moving towards? It is your heart’s longing (whether conscious or not) that guides your personal quest in life, so please remember you are the navigator! What direction are you headed in?

On a personal note, I just turned another year older and am feeling a lot of new pathways opening. It is exciting to see the new doors that are opening for me, even though I often can’t see beyond the doorway – I can feel the potential.

This last weekend was also the birthday of one of my beloved deities, Ganesha! Lord Ganesha is the protector of worlds (the seven worlds above and below, and the seven oceans). He is the remover of obstacles. He has limitless powers and contains all knowledge. Before embarking on a new project, or starting a new adventure (which is all green lights now that Mercury is no longer retrograde), you can ask Ganesha for protection and guidance. He also helps us to control our ego. He dances between the worlds and loves to bestow his blessings on all those who request it.   ​

May these new beginnings be a blessing to you and your loved ones! 

With love,

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