The Full Moon is in Pisces on Sunday, August 26th @ 4:56 AM PST.

Ahh… time for a deep sigh of relief! After all the intensity of the eclipse energy and the fires raging in California (and around the world), this full moon in Pisces brings us a welcome release of all the pressure that was building the last few moons. Pisces is a water sign and has a dreamy, spiritual quality to it. Take some time to tap into the romantic nature of this Full Moon and allow it to increase your psychic awareness.

This full moon brings a positive wave of energy that is especially good for business, money, and relationships. Our Sun and Moon are opposing each other astrologically with the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. The Pisces energy opens us up to the dreams we have for our life, while the sun in Virgo, brings out our practical nature of hard work, service to others, and strategic thinking. This combination can give us the inspiration and determination to make it actually happen. 

This is a time when new possibilities arise magically and hidden truths can be revealed.  Your relationships will be a primary focus in the next two weeks allowing you to notice which relationships are healthy and which ones might be draining and toxic. This is an excellent time to work on yourself and stay positive. The energy is really heightened right now, so whatever you are feeling it will be accentuated by the mirror of the Full Moon, so keep your thoughts pure and vibration clean and you will see miraculous results.

Here are a few questions to ponder and journal about:

  1. What would you like to accomplish in the next six months? What do you want your lifestyle to feel like? How do you want to move through each day?
  2. What is the one thing you would LOVE to create in your life right now but you think it’s not possible? (The one you don’t know ‘how’ to make it happen but regardless you still dream about it.)
  3. Name one person you trust whom you could share your dreams with. Is there anyone else you feel might want to support you to make this happen?
  4. What is a simple practice can you add into your daily routine to keep you moving towards your dreams? Get it on your schedule and start making it a reality.

It is time to dream up your beautiful life. You know the life you always wanted but maybe you don’t think you deserve it, or you don’t know if it’s actually possible… Take some time during this full moon to allow yourself to imagine what it might feel like to really dream your dream into reality. Experience it as if it has already happened in your imagination and allow yourself to feel inspired.

Use this magical full moon energy to your advantage and enjoy the Virgo / Pisces energy at play. It is a special combination that boosts our manifestation potential.

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With love and full moon blessings,

*Photo by Aaron Lee 

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