The Full Moon is in Libra on Tuesday, April 7th @ 7:34 PM Pacific | 10:34 PM Eastern.

This full moon will be one to remember! With a global pandemic keeping us all confined to our homes, it’s like we’ve all been grounded by Mother Nature – sent to our rooms to meditate and ponder life as a collective…how will this pan out?

Remember, Libra holds the scales. This is a reckoning time. There is a balancing act happening within each one of us – and within our galaxy. It is a turning of tides, a new chapter for humanity. 

What I am seeing is that some will go bonkers during this full moon phase. There is an energy with this full moon that feels like an angry, spoiled teenager who rebels against all authority figures. This might make it really hard to stay put these next few weeks. 

This energy might get you to fight for your basic rights of freedom, irregardless of how your actions or selfish desires affect others, or the planet. Some people will likely result in bad behaviour and actually act out their selfish desires  (through hoarding, stealing, putting people at risk, etc). 

However, I see a much larger number of people using this energy to purge the lower aspects within them that are harmful and toxic to the collective. A collective purge of this scale will have an incredible result and may just be the event that welcomes in the golden age of Truth, the Satya Yuga, as explained in the Vedas.

The angry teenager within us hides out in the parts of us that feel unloved, disrespected, and under valued. If these emotions are rising to the surface for you at this time there is some trauma and hidden pain beneath this that needs your attention. Allow these emotions to come to the surface to be addressed so you can find your internal balance. When your old wound is identified and aired out an incredible capacity for evolution and community contribution will emerge from within you – and this is the magic key that will turn the tide for humanity.

I encourage you to dive deep right now. We are in a collective healing of banishing disruptive and selfish energy (which many world leaders are acting out for us in grand displays). I urge you to not focus on the world leaders and the corporate greed (the things you can’t change – unless you can change them), but use this time to focus on yourself and what you can change. 

There is a big distortion in our collective field that is being purged right now by a higher order. I see this virus gathering the energy of fear from every corner of the globe making it easier to be eradicated. It is the opposite of its original intention but it’s bringing to light the hidden motives behind all that it attaches to.  

I see many hidden lies coming to the surface during this time.  Fake news is just one small deception that is becoming apparent to everyone in all countries. The other lies surfacing are much bigger, more sinister, and may cause a whole lot of chaos to an otherwise peaceful pause. The lies being exposed might even be happening right within your home, during your quarantine with your loved ones. This is indicative of this energy.

Try not to be surprised by all that surfaces now. There will be lots of stories, and theories, and political propaganda – there will be a lot to digest. Some dramas be very entertaining and some will be downright evil, malicious and can cause you grief and paranoia just like a good Netflix Series. Discern what channels you tune into.

During this global re-set find your own inner balance and you can float above all that will come in the wake of this pandemic. YOU are needed right now and how you focus your thoughts are of critically importance.

Here are some questions to ponder: 

  1. What do you miss the most about your life before the quarantine? 
  2. Do you feel safe in your own home? If not, why not? 
  3. What can you do today to create more safety and ease at home during this pandemic?
  4. What are you loving about this quarantine?
  5. What lights you up and excites you? What are your hobbies? What do you find most meaningful right now? 
  6. What is the BEST outcome you can imagine for the world on the other side of this? 

All of us need to find a way to heal the hidden aspects of our own psyche, the ones that cause us to fall ill and create problems for others.  The beautiful thing is that a healing is upon us all right now. As difficult as this quarantine is, it is a gift. I sincerely feel this virus is creating the struggle we need to focus on what matters most and awaken our own solutions to the issues we face. 

Do you know how to still your thoughts and activate your inner navigation? If not, please check out this free video to learn how to switch off all the noise and find your own voice.  Please tune your inner navigation system so you are prepared for whatever direction this pandemic leads you in. 

When you learn how to dig deep and get quiet, you will hear the still voice that is showing you your own genius, the gift in which you hold that is unique and important to share with others. 

Each one of us has a valuable contribution to make at this time. What is yours?? 

If you are curious on how much of your divine potential you have unlocked, take my free quiz here.  I’d be happy to discuss your results with you. 

Stay safe and hug those you love (even if its from afar) it matters! 

With love & service, 

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