The Full Moon in Libra is on Saturday, March 31, 2018 @ 5:37 AM.

I wish I was saying “Happy” Full Moon but this full moon isn’t one of those celebratory moons we love… 🙁 However, hope is on the horizon! This shit show of energetics you may be feeling is setting you up for receiving what you really, really want. So what is it that you really, really want? Not sure? Take some time to get clear about it, cause it’s time to start steering towards your dreams.

If your last few weeks are anything like mine, you will have been feeling the blues, the melancholy, and quite possibly have wanted to throw your hands up in the air, throw in the towel and say “I quit”. This full moon is an emotional one. So, whatever it is that may be breaking down in your life – it is the earthquake you need to restructure some foundational things. Let go and let God as the old adage tells us. 

This Libra moon brings up old wounds, deep unresolved issues (that you thought you resolved long ago). It might make you feel you are getting the crazies. The “spring cleaning” ritual of the new moon has now exposed the crap you thought you buried well. I know, it sucks and it’s messy. But, we will get through this!

Here are some questions to ask yourself and ponder in your full moon musing:

  1. What do you need to let go of in your life? What is causing you pain, stagnation, or frustration? 
  2. How would you solve the issue (causing you pain) if you were God? What would the best, happiest, most uplifting, or conscious solution look like? Yes, I am asking you to think “high road” solutions, not “my way or the highway” demands. 
  3. Can you embrace whatever change you are faced with as a welcome gift? What if this challenge you are facing is the turning tide to bring you the life you dream about? Act as if it is and see what happens. 
  4. Where do you need to find more balance in your life? Is it your emotions, your finances, your physical health, your relationships, or do you simply need more downtime to integrate and restore? See if you can take some steps this week to consciously create more balance in your life.

What became evident to me, a few weeks ago on the New Moon, was that when we pray for big things in our life there is an energetic trade-off. A sacrifice is made when a prayer is answered. Something has to die, for something new to be born. During this weekend Full Moon Easter holiday of death and resurrection, accept the trade-off that presents itself. Often we have to let go of something or someone we have grown attached to if we want to evolve and grow.

This is the final moment of little deaths that are taking place, it can feel lonely, isolating, frustrating and downright crazy during this full moon. Blue Moons (2nd moon in the same month) tend to put us in a moody disposition.

It would be helpful to spend some time alone this weekend to reflect and release that which is no longer serving you and balance your scales. It might be as simple as a thought process you have been habituated towards, but it also might be something more significant that changes the course of your life. However alone you may feel, know that we are all in this together. Reach out to someone you love and let them know you care. Simple gestures can shift someone’s dark thoughts to hopeful ones.

This is the time of the Great Turning, as Joanna Macy calls it or the Big Event that many have been discussing and awaiting (if you’re not sure what I am referring to, YouTube it).  Are we going to ascend and reach a higher vibrational frequency? It might just happen overnight, it may be our last bout of darkness. Take the high road friends, let’s release the demons once and for all!  Plant your seed in the New Earth, I will meet you there, blooming in the fertile soil of our most pristine imaginings.

May hope return to the darkest places. May all beings return to love. May all beings be free.

Om mani padme hum

*Photo by Chris B

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