The Full Moon is in Leo Saturday, February 8th @ 11:33PM Pacific | 2:33 am (9th) Eastern.

Things have really sped up friends. It’s time to take action. I always see February as a time of great activation. The beginning of Spring and the Lunar New Year has brought with it a boost of passion and purpose. 

This full moon in Leo is bringing attention to our internal and external affairs. I use the word affairs because it is time to focus on our 2nd chakra (the Svadihstana Chakra also known as the Sacral Chakra). This is the house of our stored up potential and sexual potency, our creative life force.. 

Do you feel lit up and aligned with your sex life and with your work in the world? You might be wondering, if anyone does… The sad fact is that most people do not. Most stay in unhealthy relationships far too long. Most people ignore their desires, confuse it with lustful longing, and cower to their greatness.  

Most people don’t dare look for a bigger purpose in their life because they feel enslaved to their circumstances and are afraid to fail. Well, I imagine if you are reading this, you are one of the few who still long for purpose and passion and deeper meaning. 

This full moon is helping you get in touch with your deeper purpose and passions and take steps towards fulfilling your potential. This influx of energy might also have your emotions spiralling out of control… outburst of anger and instinctual responses can get a little cray cray. 

The good news is that this energy has the power to propel you towards fulfilling your dreams with the courage and strength of a lion! Are you ready to roar? I am sure over the next few days and weeks you’re gonna let out a big roar that reaches the heavens. 

Are you ready to make your life happen? If so, take a moment to sit down and reflect.

Here are some questions to harness your power during this full moon:

  1. What is the current state of your love life? What is lacking? What is off balance? 
  2. What negative emotion do you grapple with the most? (i.e. Anger, sadness, hurt, loneliness, depression,  grief, self loathing, fear, lust, vengeance, irritability, etc)
  3. What do you long for in a romantic relationship? 
  4. In what ways are you blocking yourself from having a satisfying partnership in your life? How are you numbing yourself or ignoring this deep longing? How do you keep this away from you?
  5. How is avoiding this deeper longing affecting your life? How does it show up in your body? How does it show up in your finances? 
  6. Are you satisfied with your work in the world? Do you feel purposeful in your chosen work? Are you satisfied with your level of financial freedom?
  7. What steps are you going to take this month to get the clarity and results you desire?

These are BIG questions. Take your time and dive deep. Balance is key to everything. 

While we never arrive at perfect balance, striving each day to keep things balanced will help you ride out the storms and changes that are an inevitable part of life. When big unexpected things happen we can get so thrown off, it’s important to know how to restructure and find your center. 

If you are looking for new tools and a mentor to guide you into your self mastery reach out to learn more about my Mystery School and private mentorships. I work with men and women 30+ who are ready to activate their dormant abilities and live a life of purpose. 

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With love & full moon blessings,

*Photo cred: Bhargava Srivari

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