The Full Moon is in Aries on Sunday, October 13th @ 2:08 PM Pacific | 5:08 PM Eastern.

There is a lot of pent up energy coming to the surface leading up to this full moon and over the next two weeks. If you have been feeling emotional in some part of your life, be it your finances, your relationships, or your work in the world – know that these things are coming up right now to be released. This cosmic purge is helping us release old habits and unconscious behaviors- once and for all!

The full moon in Aries can provoke immature emotional outbursts and the sensation that you can’t control your strong emotions. Take care not to do anything too impulsive, reckless, or rash that you may regret later. Take time to cool off and use self-reflection practices to wade through the murky waters of your big emotions. 

An honest, authentic and vulnerable expression will be greatly rewarded at this time and will help catapult you to the next level of your personal evolution.

Here are some reflections for a conscious Full Moon upgrade:

  1. What emotion is being elicited in you most strongly this week? For example, is it jealousy, anger, comparison, fears, hurt, or anxiety? See if you can pinpoint your discomfort.
  2. Notice the thoughts you are having when this emotion is at its strongest. Write down your thoughts so you can pinpoint what happens on autopilot. 
  3. How do these thoughts make you feel?
  4. How are you giving away your power? For example, do you stay quiet and cut people off when you feel hurt? Do you distract yourself when you feel angry? Do you avoid feeling pain and numb out with addictive habits? 
  5. Imagine that you can change your situation. What experience would you prefer to have? Imagine your preferred experience with all of your senses.  How does that make you feel?
  6. What thoughts create this more ideal reality? Write them down.

Imagine you are standing on a precipice to your next level of awakening. All you need to do is give yourself permission to change and stay open to new possibilities. So often your negative unconscious patterns are the dictators in your life creating chaos and pain over and over again. You can stop it, right now! 

Take a moment this full moon to open yourself up to a new possibility for yourself. Allow yourself to nurture the childish part of you that might need to have an emotional outburst. See if you can keep yourself contained and well supervised so you don’t self destruct. 

You are so close to having exactly what you have been working so hard for. Consider any breakdowns you may be having this month to be THE breakthrough for your next level of awesomeness! 

Do you want to stop feeling manipulated by others and learn how to harness your personal power? If so, join my Free 3-Day Challenge to Activate Your Gift & Take Back Your Power! 

Everyone wins when you stand in your liberated, authentic beauty. 

Full Moon Blessings,

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

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