The Full Moon happens @ 1:20 PM PST on Friday, July 27th in Aquarius. The Lunar Eclipse will be happening for 4 hours from 11:24 AM – 3:20 PM PST. 

Holy wowza it’s been a wild ride since the New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse. How are you holding up? This is a time for heated emotions like anger, frustration, and grief to rise to the surface. You may feel neurotic and totally dramatic, so take time to cool off, laugh at the absurdity of it all, and be patient with yourself – we are all in this eclipse sandwich together!  

Thursday’s lunar eclipse is the longest eclipse of the 21st Century, lasting a total of 4 hours from start to finish! We will not be able to see the blood moon here in the USA but we will sure feel it! Those living in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and the Middle East will have a great spectacle. It will be in totality for an hour and 43 minutes!

Please, please, please take care of your emotional health these next few weeks. Hold steady for a lot of surprises this week. Unexpected situations will be popping up all over the place with Mercury and Mars in retrograde. Repeating patterns will be highlighted, so use this time to reflect, slow down and learn from these patterns and rise above them. Be careful what you are reacting to. This is a time to stay cool and really track yourself, what is the full moon here to illuminate and bless you with? There is great healing power within this intensity if you can remain calm and attentive to what these three eclipses are sharing with you.

The lunar eclipse highlights our relationship to time (the past and the future), to our use of money, and our sexuality. There is a rebellious energy moving through us all, so check if your rebel is mature or still acting out of outgrown behaviors.  Have you activated your sacred rebel? Click here to get some support to stop the self-sabotage and unleash your sacred rebel.

This eclipse sandwich is helping you see that which you could not see before. It is uncomfortable but it is truly healing. This full moon is not a time to make big decisions, it is a time to rest, retreat, reflect and take time out to rebirth & renew yourself!

Here are some reflections to help you get the most out of this powerful energy:

  1. What was happening last year for you in July and August during the big Solar Eclipse? Think back to what were you grappling with emotionally, spiritually, and in regards to your work in the world. These issues should be coming to a completion now.
  2. What is challenging you right now? How can you take some time out and get a break from dealing with this situation to gain some perspective? You will need it this week!
  3. Who are you most trusted allies and collaborators? It is time to identify those who strengthen you, who you feel safe with, who inspire you, and those who can support your dreams. Keep them close by.

There is a lot of beauty coming on the other side of this eclipse sandwich (August 11th, after another solar eclipse), but we must “get through it” first. Take time to nurture yourself through this emotional time. Do your best not to over-react or act out of fear, insecurity, or emotional imbalances. Give yourself time to be alone, in nature to redefine the importance of your life. Consider investing in the replay of my Rebirth & Renewal workshops, these power-packed, two-hour workshops will support you to abolish self-sabotage, discover your divine mission and transmute your pain into power. I am offering both workshops for only $80 (a $270 savings off the original price). Click here to get instant access.

Use this eclipse time wisely and power up! Allow divine grace to shower you with blessings. Focus your thoughts, energy, and emotions on positivity we are walking through a grand gateway of no-time.

En Lakesh (I am another yourself),

*Photo by Brad Lloyd 

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