It is the last day of Summer! How are you feeling today?

I am feeling a little sad letting go of the sunshine, reluctant to welcome in the shorter days.  There was so much I still wanted to do…all those amazing waterholes and rivers I have yet to explore… I already miss it.

The cold is seriously rushing in here in my neck of the woods.  I had to light a fire yesterday as I watched Mount Shasta get a light powdering of new snow – right on time, just like last year.

This is a mid-way point in our seasonal shifts, and as such we get to experience balance. The energy between the sun and the moon is balancing out… we can use this energy to find that internal balance we seek.

We’ve got major solar flares happening which trigger electrical surges and wonky behaviors. These mega storms touching down are wreaking havoc everywhere. My heart and prayers go out to all of those who are being completely misplaced, uprooted and seriously challenged. It’s a living nightmare for many right now.

It makes me question if Planet X (Nibiru, the 2nd Sun) is really about to make contact and change our planet this weekend as many claim.

For some reason, this is the first time in the last fourteen years that I can actually plan more than three months ahead, so I have a feeling that life will carry on past Saturday however, we are surely birthing something new.

If Nibiru does come into orbit, creating magnetic shifts and astroids begin slamming into the planet, I want to share with you what I was told in my own visions and later confirmed by a Native elder.

There is a time in our life when the earth will become dark (the sun will disappear for three days), be still. Meditate or lay down (be like a corpse). Do not talk, do not move around, do NOT go outside or participate in the madness that will ensue. All electrical currents will be wiped out across the planet. After three days the sun will re-appear and we will enter into a new reality. (You can read more about my vision in my book Synchronicity).

Whatever is happening right now, we are in for a grand change. Often this feeling of change on the horizon makes me have shivers, but this time I have a big smile on my face. I’ve thrown my hands up in the air in total surrender – like I’m riding a rollercoaster for entertainment. Whatever this big change coming is, I believe it’s a good thing!

As the days get shorter, this is the time to get your last harvest, stock up for the winter, and celebrate all that you are grateful for.

What are you grateful for? Take inventory. I’d love to hear about it. Let’s extend our gratitude blessings across the airwaves!

Happy Seasonal Shifting,

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