Equinox Greetings!

The Spring Equinox happens on March 19th @ 8:49 PM Pacific | 11:49 PM Eastern.
The New Moon is in Aries On Tuesday, March 24th @ 2:28 AM Pacific | 5:28 AM Eastern.

With all the pandemic mayhem happening, do you know how to stay grounded? We are in the midst of a global re-set a turning of tides, an Initiation, and a collective Dark Night of the Soul. Together we are birthing a new way of being. This is a huge blessing my friends. Here is why.

I invite you to consider that this world stage drama is part of the plan to restructure the power systems on the planet. The timing of it all is perfect. In my careful observation I have concluded that nothing happens by accident and everything that happens has a silver lining and is for the best – even when we can’t see it in the moment of our darkest hour -this is one of those moments. 

It isn’t so much about what you DO at this time, but what is critical to the positive shift becoming a reality is to closely monitor who you are BEING right now. Your thoughts and your energetic presence is the collective currency that turns the tide and it’s what matters most in times like this. 

As a business consultant and industry insider, I have witnessed first hand how powerful leaders manipulate people’s mindset to control them. I’ve been tracking the invisible realms as well as the concrete and I can tell you that fear is the deadliest weapon of all.  When we are in fear and panic we do all kinds of crazy things.

What I have also discovered time and again is that with every great tragedy in life, there is a silver lining. This Equinox marks an auspicious time for all of us. We are plagued in a global fear that unties us as humans – this New Moon in Aries actually brings a promising new beginning. 

The seeds of potential within each one of us are being activated to awaken and create the world we have all been dreaming of. Our co-creative power is at an all time high. This quarantine has become a mandatory meditation time. How else to get us all to stop consuming and hit the re-set button? Everything is perfect.

Focus on how you can make the most out of the situation. Take time to imagine beautiful outcomes. Sit with your near and dear ones, get creative and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the Silver Lining and the Gift of this pandemic and forced quarantines? List at least 10 things that will be better because of it. 
  2. What do you hope is a result from this situation? How can this benefit education, politics, health care, your business, and your family?  List it out and focus on it.
  3. What do you need to do at home that has been lacking your attention? Have you been wanting to minimize your clutter or plant that garden you’ve been dreaming about? 
  4. What new routines or solutions can you implement right away to enjoy your life more or make your home or your community a better place? Get creative and find multiple ways to enjoy this time.
  5. List out everything that brings you joy, lights you up, and inspires you. Make it a long list and do one of thing each day.. 

As you come face to face with your fears please remember that you have within you the capacity to overcome them. Please do not turn into one of those people who falls prey to anxiety and spews all your negative thoughts on others. Control your words, get quiet, and face your own fears to overcome them. Check out one of my activations to release your fears here or here to do this important work on yourself to come out of your dark places. 

Aries is the baby of the zodiac and with this new moon come our inner child tantrums. Be kind to yourself and re-parent that part of you that is crying for reclamation. As old stories and deep wounds resurface, reach out to gifted healers for support. Spend time in nature alone to release stuck emotions and discover your true strength. 

This is a time to find a deeper purpose for your life. It’s a perfect time to launch a new solution and bring your unique gifts to the world. If you are looking for help to discover your unique gifts and package them up in service at this time, reach out. I have mentored hundreds of business owners to launch their digital, mission-driven business with grounded results. Book a time to chat here. 

Be still like a rock until you know what to do next. Do not buy into panic and fear, know that these emotions and thought forms are being used as a weapon to keep you small. This is time to bloom, to align forces and grow deep roots. 

Stay tuned to the pure light and imagine the most incredible outcome you can fathom. 

We were born for this moment. 

With love and service,


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