I have been feeling a pull to show up live in specific places to ground higher frequencies and connect with fellow star seeds. Los Angeles is first on the list!

If you are in the area or know someone who is, please share this important event with them. 

This is not just a simple guided meditation and sound bath, this is an activation to your higher consciousness. You will experience energetic frequencies that will open your heart to your soul’s wisdom. Participants will learn how to take their power back, how to stand as a sovereign being, and how to tune into their innate wisdom.

Quite a few past participants have compared my synchronicity attunements to their ayahuasca journeys, sharing that they are super psychedelic, otherworldly and informative to their soul’s mission. The main difference, however, is in my attunements we do not digest any substances, so there is no puking or hangovers involved! This is pure consciousness activating a natural high and a magical, yet practical experience unfolds. You will experience a multi-dimensional journey that you will be able to integrate and ground in your system.

Satya Ra Priest (pictured in the photo above) will be leading the soundbath with her lush vocals and crystal soundscapes. Satya is an intuitive sound songstress who’s journey began in childhood with her connection to spirit and a longing to sing for the divine.  After receiving her Masters Degree in Psychology, she spent many years in the field until she began to have a spiritual awakening. Her ability to pierce through sound was discovered and honed during her apprenticeship in my Mystery School. We now collaborate and work side by side to open cosmic doors for you to remember how to return home to your true self. 

Come immerse yourself in a loving and safe environment.

Get elevated and switched on! 

8PM – 9:30PM
360 S. La Brea Avenue

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
487 South Fairfax

The first 20 people to show up each night will receive a copy of my book, Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny. I will be happy to sign it at the end of the event.  

If you can’t make it to LA I totally understand. If you want me to visit your town, reply and let me know and I will do my best to get it on the tour list. Things are heating up and we need to awaken – now!! 

May you always know how important you are to the whole! 

With love and blessings,

*Photo by Julia Lehman

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