In this episode, Amelía introduces us to two very special people she holds dear to her, Angeline Hart and Dixon Schwenk. Listen in to hear from this beautiful couple (who have been together over 30 years and work as relationship masters), helped Amelía re-parent herself through a number of interesting synchronicities.

Angeline shares how most women have not been raised by noble, protective, honorable, or caring fathers so it is obvious why so many of us struggle in our relationships. She explains how important it is that these old patterns locked in place need our attention and our guests have the skills and tools to help us. You will also hear how Dixon’s spontaneous healing for Amelía moved them both.

The conversation is touching, even Satya is moved to tears… just knowing couples like this exist is a blessing in itself.

Learn how to establish a healthy, loving, supportive, and mutually respectful relationship and how to turn challenges into opportunities to grow. Find out if you are an external processor or an internal processor and how this simple discovery can drastically improve your relationship.

To learn more from Angeline & Dixon and take their Manimal quiz.

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