Happy New Year! We’re celebrating 3 years of producing this podcast!

This is a HUGE accomplishment for us commitment-phobic ladies.

The first year, Amelía hid this podcast from her students and clients and reluctantly stepped out of the closet with it last year. Satya, after 3 years, has yet to share it with her friends and family. Why? Because it has been such a transformational cauldron for both of us and our listeners in over 57 countries!!!

Toxic shame eats us alive, quite literally. It affects our health, our relationships, and our mojo.

We realize our podcast has been a type of public therapy and would love to know how it’s been for you.

If you listen in and love our podcast, please tell us. We’re in the process of planning our content for the new year, let us know what you want us to discuss!

New Year Blessings to you dear listener!

We love you!

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