Episode 54

Are you in the midst of re-defining yourself and all that you offer and stand for? Is your business or lifestyle shifting in big ways?

In this candid conversation, self-proclaimed Queen of Reinvention, Amelía, shares with Satya how messy and challenging it is to consciously evolve in a world that has programmed you to live in boxes, labels, and placidity. People are not conditioned for big changes such as the one we are all living through right now during Covid Times.

Do you need help navigating your transition and rebirth beyond Covid?

You will hear Amelía’s vulnerable shares of her own process while navigating big shifts and how she does her best to pivot gracefully when the old reality begins to crumble in front of your eyes.

The thing is, we don’t know WHO we are becoming in the midst of this process. That’s the thing about big transformations such as the one we are ALL in. Does the caterpillar know it will be able to fly and have colorful wings and see from above?

Listen in – you just might want to take notes!

You can order Amelía’s book, Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny directly from Amazon or find it here.

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