In this episode, Amelía continues her discussion with Isa Lara Marie and the difficulty of healing from sexual ritual abuse. Isa and Amelía talk about layers of healing and how collective healing and direct transmission happen when we hear another’s story of success. Isa explains the wounded healer archetype and how many shamans came into their gifts via intense trauma and debilitating and mysterious illness.

Isa Lara Marie is a channel and healer in service to All That Is. Isa offers Energy Medicine/ Shamanic work, channelling, and Body-Centered Psychotherapy techniques. Her training includes a lifelong apprenticeship with a mystic and shaman as well as Hakomi Certification from founder Ron Kurtz, and many other body-centered psychotherapy modalities. Her work is a blend of the Toltec shamanic lineage, along with Angelic/ Galactic guidance. Isa offers in- person, as well as remote healing sessions and teaches Energy Medicine/ Shamanic trainings.

Isa’s dedication is to Healing in all forms and serves as a medium and bridge from the spirit realm to this world. She is devoted to helping others bring back together that which appears separate, into wholeness. Her lifelong mission is to heal the deep effect of trauma and conditioning into full joy and wakefulness.

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