Have you been betrayed and now struggle with trust issues? Or are you someone who wants your partner or friends to trust you but they don’t? Do you wonder if trust earned or given?

Trust isn’t easy these days in a world where we’re being lied to all the time from our history books, our politicians, religious leaders, cheating partners, compulsive liars, and being bombarded with sales gimmicks up the wazoo.

If you struggle with trust and commitment issues in your love life you will want to listen to this episode as Amelía and Satya discuss their challenges in their relationships around trust and commitment and what they are learning from healing their own deep wounds.

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Time Code:

00:00 Intro

00:36 Trust

01:55 Trust in relationships

16:15 Fear to be all in

19:46 Rebuilding trust

22:53 Self-love

27:47 Running away from feelings

33:01 Lullaby for love

34:04 Outro

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