If you only focus on the problem – YOU are the problem! That is what Amelía shares in this new episode. Listen in as she talks with Satya about her new mission to gather change-makers together.

Do you have ideas, products, or solutions that could change a problem into a solution? Does your solution feel too big to accomplish? Amelía shares how she downloaded this new mission and how she is learning how to respect and honor the natural unfolding and pace of this project and how doing it alone is no longer an option.

Are you a Changemaker? If so, Amelía wants to know you!

Fill out this short application to be part of her new project to gather the changemakers. https://forms.gle/UsCjcd3KwtdnCcBr8

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00:00 Intro

00:32 Transformations, new experiences at work

22:54 Working with new changemakers

24:58 Young Changemakers Theme Song

26:47 Close

28:31 Outro

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