The Autumn Equinox is on Saturday, September 22nd @ 6:54 PM PST. The Full Moon is in Aries on Monday, September 24th @ 7:53 PM PST.

This Saturday marks a seasonal shift as we head into Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere), when all the leaves begin to fall and the days shorten. It is time to prepare for colder days and darker nights. Equinoxes are a balance point between the light and dark and with it comes fierce and unapologetic change.  

This Full Moon in Aries is a bold one. Aries energy is often dramatic and can be quite childish if left without guidance. Beware of hot tempers, big emotions, fear and anxiety tremors. Learn to deepen in your wisdom to weather the storms that may be brewing outside your door.

There is a paradoxical energy with this Aries moon where you may feel bold and courageous and at the same time petrified and scared sh*tless! Make sure you are taking time to breathe and commune with nature as you may be advancing quite quickly now towards your dreams.

Change is literally in the air and relationship issues will be in the spotlight with this Full Moonglow. As the cycle shifts so do we. This is a time of growth and harvest so allow yourself to expand as you need to.

A few reflections to ponder this week:

  • When you feel upset with someone close to you do you; a.) Speak directly to that person in a diplomatic and kind way? Or b.) Express yourself in whatever way gives you the biggest release in the moment, regardless of the other?  Or c.) Clam up, stuff it in as resentment or complain about them to someone else? Be honest and track yourself.
  • If you were able to resource all of the wisdom that lives within you to deal with conflict and discomforts, how would you ideally respond to super triggering situations? Practice that!
  • What quality are you needing to embody this month to balance out your emotional pendulum swings? What can you do right now to cultivate a sense of balance within yourself?

The shift has hit the fan as I mentioned on the new moon a few short weeks ago. We are in the midst of a great shakedown of all that has been hidden (in the seen and unseen realms). This full moon will illuminate dark agendas against us as well as illuminate our own shifty characters. It will probably be uncomfortable, but here is what I’d like to invite you to do–be kind to yourself! Not the kindness that enables bad behavior (like covering it up and making excuses), but the kindness that is gentle, loving and forgiving – and clear.

We now see enough of the puzzle to make clear assessments, be it in our political /corporate landscape, our communities, our friendships, or right at home with our near and dear ones. When you know what is really going on, when the wool has been taken from your eyes,  choices need to be made. Our choices create our path forward. Each choice is made up of our own personal values.

This is not a time to divide and point fingers, but a time to be bold and stand up for your personal beliefs and values. The old structures are falling quickly. What will your new structure be based on? I am choosing love, truth, integrity, and authenticity as my foundation. What about you?

May you find yourself divinely guided this week as you step into your unique role more fully. If you are thinking “I don’t know what my role is”, or “my role doesn’t matter”. I am here to assure you that you do, in fact, have a role. We have each been gifted an innate contribution and its time to show up and be seen.

If you are serious about taking responsibility for your actions, if you are ready to unlock your divine destiny, and ground your authentic presence, reach out to me and apply for a seat in my Mystery School. Over the course of one year, you will not only activate your gift but learn how to serve humanity with clarity and conviction.

If you are ready for a FREE 5-day challenge, join me in my private Facebook group to activate your gift. Click here to get access.

Let’s activate friends! It is time.

Be bold,

Photo by Aziz Acharki 

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