There’s potential inside of you waiting to be awakened.

I’m here to spark that now.

My healing abilities and clear vision were forged during a series of shamanic initiations over a nine-year period that honed my multi-sensory awareness and crystallized my gifts.

Working with me privately, you will be immersed in a safe container for you to feel supported and held while you dive into your true essence, clearing away any negative patterns or blocks keeping you from your brilliance.

You will be witnessed in your transformation and be held in a safe space for your soul’s exploration. I will see you and anchor your god Self to tune into that frequency of awakeness and fullness that you can then access at all times.

Are you prepared to fully step forth?


These sessions are designed to help you get un-stuck and find the clarity you need to move forward in every area of your life 

With precision coaching and intuitive multi-sensory viewing, I assist my clients to:

∞ Take the next step in business
∞ Untangle messy relationship dynamics
∞ Empower your meditation practice
∞ Get answers about your spiritual nature
∞ Find support with paranormal happenings

I am only able to accept one new client per month at this time. If you are interested in having a Clarity Call, please request a session by booking a short introductory call with me.  



These are therapeutic 1- 1.5-hour sessions for going deep into the unconscious body and healing wounds of the soul – at the root level. 

Sessions begin by tuning to the authentic self and then slowly peeling away that is blocking or stopping you from full liberation and self-expression – we will remove psychic debris to accomplish a complete healing and integration at every level of your being. These sessions include a follow-up Tune-In Session for integrating these unique experiences into your waking reality. 

Soul Dive sessions bring up your soul memory which allows you to anchor your authentic presence and embody your spiritual mission.


∞ Harness your life purpose
∞ Activate your full potential & innate gifts
∞ Glean gems from dark nights & past trauma

Soul Dives will completely transform your life and bring you into authentic presence.

This work happens at the pace of the soul’s development going at the rate and pace in which the soul is able to integrate and complete each phase of growth. You will experience quantum leaps in your soul growth. This work will transform all your relations.

These sessions are cathartic in nature and best held towards the end of the day or on a quiet day of reflection.

Soul Dive Sessions are only provided in a series of three, over a three-month period, to ensure completion of a soul growth cycle.

Before working together in this way, let’s meet and ensure we are a good fit to proceed.



For gifted children experiencing paranormal phenomena or strong extra sensory perception, I work with kids and their parents to eliminate fears and develop self-mastery.


For the past 17 years I have been designing intentional communities. I have seeded 14 community projects in India, Japan and in the USA and consult for small/medium sized communities. I design invisible structures to set up decision making processes, conflict resolution, and a variety of community governance models.


For special occasions like a marriage, a birth, a death, a rights of passage, a divorce, or a family reunion, and other important moments that you want to ceremonialize, I design unique, custom rituals and ceremonies based on your specific requirements and spiritual beliefs to ensure a powerful and clear container for these important occasions.


I assist in the courageous and conscious departing of the earthly body and make contact with souls on the other side. I work with the families of those in hospice, (or those recently departed), to clear up lose energetic ends, regrets, and process deep grief. I support family members to stay fully present during a powerful life changing moment in order to experience the beauty and magic of the death process.

Let’s talk and see what’s right for you …

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