Master Your Energy!

Click the video below to practice The Synchronicity Method or DOWNLOAD the audio version here.

Practice The Synchronicity Method

Here is the video you requested from my website.

This is the master key to keeping your energy sovereign and in peak flow states.  Feel free to watch this as many times as you want. Download it to your phone or computer. Let me know how it works for you.

In this 20-minute exercise, you will learn how to take back your power and establish Vertical Alignment so that you can be sovereign in your own energy field.

  • Learn what is ‘yours’ vs. what is ‘not yours’ to deal with
  • Use this method to heal yourself from deep wounds and repeating patterns
  • Activate your codex (aka your star seed) in order to wake up sleeping memories and anchor your soul in your body
  • Ride the wave of synchronicities that follow 
  • This is just the foundation, there is so much more…

I look forward to hearing your experience and I am happy to answer any questions that may arise.

Be sovereign – become a force of nature!

To our collective liberation,


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