JULY 12th - 16th, 2019 


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Spend 5 days & 4 nights in a private villa, feasting on home cooked meals, bathing in sacred water holes, roaming ancient ruins, and ground your inner silence.
Experience Transcendental Sound Baths and learn a powerful Movement Modality to UNWIND your Shadow Body and Embody your Soul

This is the ultimate "RE-SET" for the Galactic New Year on Mayan Land.

​​​​​​​JULY 12th -16th, 2019

​​​​​​​This retreat happens during a Full Moon, and a Partial Lunar Eclipse, just days before the Mayan Day out of Time. This star gate is fully aligned for a total transformation.  ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Anchor your potential, clear self-sabotage, and liberate your authentic self!

This is a perfect re-set for your ascension! 

Ancient Ruins & Pristine Beaches
What's Included?

Enjoy 5 days + 4 Nights 

* Sleep in Our Own Private Villa close to Downtown Tulum 

* Enjoy Quiet Reflection Time & Conscious Connections

*Plunge into Sacred Waters, Relax Poolside, Lounge in a Hammock, Ride a Bike to the beach, and Visit Sacred Sites.

* Daily Sound Baths & Guided Meditations will Soothe Your Soul and Help you Find your Center.

* Feast on Delicious Mexican Food Prepared Right at Home.

* Experience Amelia's UNWIND Movement and Healing Modality to Embody your Soul Wisdom and Release Stuck Energy.

* Get Guidance To Clear Self-Sabotage and Establish a new Foundation for Support. 

* Rejuvenate Your Body in Turquoise Water.

* Relax with an in-house Massage.



*Payment plans only available until May 1st! 


>>> Find Your Inner Silence
​​​​​​​>>> Deepen your connection to spirit

​​​​​​​>>> Explore Sacred Sites
>>> Harmonize with nature
>>> Get nourished at every level of your being
>>> Commune with deeply loving souls
>>> Experience ancient ruins & magical waters 
>>> Ground higher frequency in your body
>>> Release your fears & limiting beliefs
>>> Activate your soul’s authentic blueprint


Daily Sound Baths to Nourish Your Center.


Amelía discovered this ancient and potent healing modality through dance and deep meditation in 2005. What she discovered through her own personal practice, she later found out to be an ancient Egyptian healing modality which clears the pain body also known as the body double, the Ka, or the shadow body. ​​​​​​​

UNWIND tunes the kundalini (life force) flow in the body in order to activate one’s full potential. It 
can be described as a modern-day tapestry of Yogic, Taoist, and Shamanic practices woven together with Martial Arts and Transcendental Dance. This singularly unique practice unlocks hidden codes stored in the cellular memory.

Participants experience transcendental states of consciousness during the session and often relate it to their past shamanic experiences like Ayahuasca, DMT, or other psychedelic initiations. However, in Amelia’s sessions, no mind-altering substances are allowed. This is a 100% sober environment and natural high.

After doing UNWIND with Amelia the body creates an internal map that can be forever accessed as a tool for self-healing. This practice enables you to anchor your soul into your physical form and awaken your Spirit. When the spirit is awakened you feel empowered, confident and able to give the most precious gift of your soul to serve humanity through these challenging times.

UNWIND is done blindfolded (or with eyes closed) moving the body to recorded (and at times live) music. Amelia carefully guides the experience and moves around the room to assist the individuals in their process. Participants experience a trance-like cathartic release and often awaken past life memory when they open new pathways inside themselves. Old body pains and emotional traumas get instantly released and space gets created within the body system to harness more of your soul’s potential.​​​​​​​

Why the move to Tulum?
Amelía came to Mexico for what she thought was just the Winter months to officiate a wedding and escape the cold, harsh winter on Mount Shasta. She was in her own major life shift after a Summer of non-stop wild fires and a continual state of emergency in California. 

The landscape of the Yucatan has been so healing and magical for her that she has decided to relocate and call it home. Amelía decided to shift this year's Rebirth & Renewal Retreat due to the continued threat of wild fires in CA and to continue grounding out in her new homebase. 

The fresh water Cenotes, pronounced "sen-oat-tays" (pictured right) are the perfect rebirthing waters. They are the sacred watering holes for the Mayan people and are  the entrances to the underworld or "xibalba".  Cenotes were the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayan civilization which house the two longest underground water systems in the world.

The turquoise waters, the white sand beaches, the mayan pyramids and humid jungle create the perfect experience for our healing retreat. The magical waters of Mexico have been deeply healing for Amelía and she wants to share this special place with all of you...and YES we will be floating like this in our R&R adventure!

Tulum is located on the Eastern Caribbean shore of Mexico, not far from Cancun on the Yukatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo. Cancun International Airport is an easy hub to reach any destination and is a short drive away from this paradise. 



Amelía Aeon Karris
​​​​​​​​​​​Seer, Creator of UNWIND, Author & Expert Rebirth & Renewal Guide
Amelia is the founder of Know The Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living, where she assists her students to master their energy and activate their true work in the world. She is the author of Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny and the Creator of UNWIND and the Rebirth & Renewal Retreats. This is Amelía's 6th annual Rebirth & Renewal offering. In the last three years, alone  Amelía facilitated sixteen retreats in the Mount Shasta area helping attendees ground their authentic presence and claim their life purpose.

Amelía has been conducting retreats in the USA, India, and now in México for the last fourteen years. She has guided thousands of people to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, establish sustainable lifestyles and live out their divine destinies.  
Satya Ra Priest
Therapist, Sound Healer & Podcaster

Satya Ra Priest will be leading the daily sound baths with her lush vocals and crystal soundscapes. Satya is an intuitive sound surgeon who’s journey began in childhood with her connection to spirit and a longing to sing for the divine.  

After receiving her Masters Degree in Psychology, she spent many years in the field until she began to have a spiritual awakening. Her ability to pierce through sound was discovered and honed during her apprenticeship in Amelía's Mystery School.

​​​​​​​Amelía and Satya have been collaborating for the last two years working side by side in retreats, workshops and on their Love, Sex and the Hidden Agenda Podcast.  Together they open cosmic doors for you to remember how to return home to your true self. 
This will be Satya's sixth retreat collaborating with Amelía. 
Julia Lehman-McTigue
Event Photographer + Soul Portraits

Julia will be joining as our R&R event photographer and offering customized Underwater Soul Portraits for those who are ready to take the plunge. 

Julia has been a passionate, intuitive photographer and a spiritual warrior for over twenty years. She has found during this time her spiritual visual tool of photography was also a medium for herself and others to go deep into themselves and heal.

She began exploring the world of underwater photography 20 years ago while living in Cozumel, Mexico, while working on a Scuba Diving boat.

Five years ago, she and her family moved into a home with a pool and she once again found a reignited passion for creating art underwater. During this time, she began to see how amazing she and her clients felt after long periods of time of deep breathing and holding their breath while taking photos underwater. She realized that this experience was exhilarating, and at the same time, calming and spiritually uplifting like nothing she has ever experienced before, (except with her time spent with dolphins).

Another spark of inspiration was ignited and a new form of meditation, and restoring herself and others was born and now she looks forward to sharing this truly unique experience with the world.


While the end result is the unique and beautiful underwater portrait, it is the process of creating the images that has proven to be transformative. Water has a highly meditative quality. Water is a form of purification which allows all energetic toxins, traumas, and the intensities of the modern day world to subside.

Underwater photography transports us to another realm, opening a whole new world of possibilities while posing unique challenges and limitations as well. The loss of gravity and the gaining of weightlessness. The loss of sound and the ability to communicate verbally relying instead on intuition. Visually, the extraordinary way the sunlight reflects and creates rainbows in the water, the way reflections on the surface of the water became transcendental paintings, air bubbles from the models breath take shape and form nebulous objects for just a moment, and the fabric, hair and other props move effortlessly and with grace becomes truly an otherworldly experience for all who submerge. Watch this short video to experience her Soul Portraits. 


Nutritious meals will be lovingly prepared for you daily. Gluten-free / Vegan options available.


Meet Jane
In this short video Jane shares her experience of Rebirth & Renewal and how the UNWIND practice affected her. 
Rock n' roll Mystic
"I was baffled by the quality of the experience, it was way beyond what I imagined. I loved the silence, the work, the movement, the land, the food, the excursions, the drumming, the honesty, the love, being seen, being lifted up - these words don't convey the magick I experienced with everything Amelía created."
Mortgage Broker
"My expectations were exceeded! I learned how to love myself in a way I never had before, I connected with my intergalactic family and I am much more awake than I was before!"
Massage Therapist
"What I loved most was the depth of heart and intention for the space to be held for my soul to reconnect and re-attune for healing myself and the collective. Amelía is a true light worker. Pure in her heart, knowledge, and intentions. She is authentic, kind and no fluff, just heart mastery and presence."
Former Int'l Marketing VP
"I loved the synergy, the awakening sessions, the energy and all the love i felt. Amelía is an enlightened soul, a very advanced spiritual guide and human being. She can help you expand your conscious mind and bring out your true soul!" 

As soon as you say YES, your adventure begins!

You will receive a series of videos and helpful tips preparing you for this adventure up until your departure and after the retreat to help you integrate back into your new life. 

Limited Spots Available!


The R&R Process

Since 2013, 100+ people have experienced Amelía's  R&R Process. Watch this short video and hear Nina share her life transformations as a result of attending Amelía's Rebirth & Renewal Retreat two years in a row.

Click here to see pics of R&R 2015.


Where will I be sleeping?
We have rented a private Villa for this event. There are multiple bedrooms in this large and luxurious house with all the comforts you need.  Each room is beautifully decorated and has a private bathroom, terrace and A/C/ .Rooms are assigned on a shared basis unless you booked a private room.  

What's NOT included? 
All of the workshop, food and shared accommodations are included in the price. What is NOT included is your airfare, private accommodations, massages, your transportation to and from the airport, any personal excursions you choose to take, bike rentals, beach club fees or anything purchased while traveling together.  
How do i get there?
The nearest airport is Cancun International. It is about and 90 minute bus ride or Taxi ride from the airport. It is also fairly easy to rent a car and drive yourself there. When you sign up for the retreat all the details to getting to the private Villa will be shared with you. It is quite simple and easy.
Will I have wi-fi?
Yes and No. There is wifi in the villa but once the retreat starts you will be turning in your phone and electronic devices for the duration of the retreat so be sure to let your loved ones know you will not be reaching out for those 5 days. You will be given an emergency phone number for anyone who needs to contact you while in retreat.   
Is it safe to travel in México?
As a single woman traveling alone, Amelía has felt very safe in México. However, there are places and things she does not suggest doing. Use common precautions when traveling and stay alert to your surroundings and you will be fine. The people in México are kind and helpful. . 
Will there be drugs or plant medicine of any kind?
No drugs, cigarettes, no alcohol, no plant medicines or other intoxicants are allowed. If anyone is found under the influence or in possession of any of these substances they will be promptly removed from the retreat without a refund. 
What exactly do I need to bring?

Very little. It is so hot here that thin, loose fitting clothes, good walking shoes, swim wear and sun protection is all you need. A full packing list will be sent to you after you register. 

Who should NOT attend?
If you have physical ailments that prevent you from walking on uneven surfaces, you may want to reconsider this. You will need to be physically fit to travel and walk unattended. If you are struggling with any kind of substance addiction, this is not the right retreat for you. If you are not ready to reflect and be self responsible you will not enjoy the R&R process. Amelía reserves the right to refuse anyone who she does not feel is the right fit for this retreat. 
Wanna chat first to see if it's right for you? 
To speak directly to Amelía, place your email in the form below. She will reach out ASAP.