Vertical Living.

Did you know we are multi-dimensional, vertical axis beings having a horizontal experience?

Huh, you say? What does that mean? Think about it for a moment. We are not only this physical human form we are much more. We have existed from the beginning of time and we will continue to exist.  We are eternal Universal Beings having a human incarnation. Our consciousness exists in more dimensions than just this physical plane.

Imagine a cross (like the one Jesus was nailed to), the vertical axis represents the connection of Heaven and Earth, our divine Self with our human form. This vertical line reaches from the source of life down into the Earth and beyond, piercing through many dimensions on the way. In the cross of both lines lies our heart. The horizontal line represents the pain and suffering of this 3D landscape.

When we stay vertically aligned and focused in our heart, we stand in present time, aligned with our breath, connected to source, experiencing this present moment – in the human form. It opens us to the far reaches of heaven and the multiple dimensions that exist simultaneously beyond this physical one.

You may be wondering how many dimensions we exist in simultaneously? Well, that’s a big question many meditators and scientists have been discovering and arguing about since time immemorial. Some meditators I know have experienced up to 13D!  Some scientists I read about have charted up to 26D. It is all about your vibrational field. It is best if you experience it for yourself and notice what happens when you become still and begin to vibrate.

When we align with our vertical axis, all is fine. Becoming one with our breath we enter into the profound silence and begin to feel the essence of our being.

However, when we get caught up in the horizontal 3D landscape of drama (fear, pain and suffering), we begin to swing like a pendulum between attraction and aversion. We swing in this horizontal plane like the ticktock of a clock. Time becomes important.  Attachments to things and people breed greed, which breed a type of insanity. These false cravings can never be quenched when you are in the ‘swing’ of things. As the 3D pendulum swings harder and faster, it gets further from its central point.

Staying vertically aligned has advantages, answers, and a sweet simplicity. We can stay simply poised in the present silence and open to the range of vibrations that exist simultaneously. We will still sway from side to side as we experience 3D life, but it will no longer be a huge swing back and forth. It will become a circular momentum very close to the balance point, spiraling in on itself.

While experiencing the physical landscape, we will still have preferences, but we can retain the central point of balance – this is the goal. Because from the center, all knowledge is obtained, all cravings are quenched, all love is unconditional and pervasive.

So how do we stay aligned to the heart and remain in our center?

Here are three ways you can tune into your vertical alignment right now:

meditate1.  Meditate. Create a deep stillness practice. Use your breath to return to your center and find your inner stillness. Start with 10 – 15 minutes and work your way up to an hour or more. When you sit consistently each day, you will experience rich rewards.

2. Set an Intention. Hold a clear intention and deep desire to feel into the center of your being. Take mini meditation breaks throughout your day (count to 10 breaths or more) while focused on your intention. It works miracles!

3. Choose your company carefully! Like a tuning fork when struck, being in close proximity to those who are tuned to their center will bring you there the fastest. Likewise is true for the opposite. Socialize and meditate with people who are calm, poised and centered.

> Do you have a practice that helps you find the center? Have you experienced multiple dimensions in your practice? Share it in the comments below!

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