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    Have you ever felt broken open, left wondering what’s the point of your crazy life? Have you been lost inside the lens of life’s kaleidoscope, unable to fit the pieces back together?


    Combine one part Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth with one part Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way and then sprinkle some Harry Potter magic on it, and you’ve got a peak into Amelía’s new book on Synchronicity. Amelía is a pioneer operating at the edge of humanity’s collective evolution. In this debut book, she offers sage advice for our liberation in this rapidly changing reality.


    Throughout her career spanning India, Japan and the USA, she has helped thousands to find their life’s purpose and put the pieces back together.


    In Synchronicity: Unlock Your Divine Destiny you will discover that a cosmic shift has hit the fan and golden crumbs are flying everywhere! Synchronicity is on the rise and its magic is raining down upon us. So what do all these meaningful coincidences mean? And what’s possible as we learn to follow their trail?

    Synchronicity is directing you somewhere…would you like to know where?

    (Print Version Release in April 2017)

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  • The Author

    Amelía Aeon Karris

    Mystery School Founder, Author

    Amelía Aeon Karris is the founding director of Know The Self, a Mystery School for Modern Day Living, in which she guides truth seekers to access their innate wisdom. She has helped thousands worldwide to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, establish sustainable lifestyles and live out their divine destinies.

  • Book Reviews

    Read what others say about Synchronicity

    “There are several concepts in this book that really resonated … All my life I have “wanted” to believe in magic. There have been signs along that way that encouraged me to believe. But, finally, this book gives me a to path to awaken a constant flow of synchronicity in my life. I don’t believe in “co-incidences”, but I do believe in Synchronicity. And I agree that there is a guiding force leading us to our divine destiny. And I believe that we are a celestial beings having a human experience.”

    Angeline Hart, author

    Gorillas Make Great Lovers!: Escape the Dating Jungle and Build a True Love Relationship

    “Amelia is an adept and grounded guide on the pathless path to discovering your sacred destiny. In Synchronicity, she weaves together personal stories, original spiritual insight, and creative practices to help you decode the secret language of life’s ‘meaningful coincidences’ as a way to find and fulfill your purpose. Synchronicity is a practical and highly accessible companion for any seeker of truth!”

    David T. Nicol, PhD, author

    Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation

    “It feels so incredibly relevant and useful, while also fun and uplifting to read.This book is a gift from the divine! I am so thankful for this guide, and the wisdom and insight provided. It feels so incredibly relevant and useful, while also fun and uplifting to read. Within the first chapter I knew that this information was so true and important for my heart and soul. I am so happy for this book!! Highly recommended.” 

    Anna Welle

    “Beautiful AND enlightening. This is a beautifully written book. It is a finely woven tapestry – with threads of wisdom, spiritual teachings, universal laws and the author’s experiences all coming together into a design for your individual best destiny.” 

    Jordan Asheron

    “Awaken to the synchronicity that is everywhere! “Synchronicity” validated what I have been experiencing as real, and gave me practices to dive deeper into exploration of myself and the process of awakening. Highly recommend!!”

    Jennifer Banta

    “This book was a profound and simple road map to unlocking my personal magic and finding clarity. Key #2 helped me get honest and find creative flow in all corners of my life. Highly recommend!! perfect timing.”

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